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Oh Deer! Venison is a Great Protein Option for Dogs

Posted by sitstaydogs

Oct 13, 2013 6:54:00 PM


From nose tip to white tail - VENISON should be a part of Fido's diet!

We all want our pups to maintain the best diet and treat intake. It can be difficult to balance protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates - all of which are critical in your dog's diet. As pet owners we are tasked to manage the variety in their diet and varying protein sources is an easy way to keep it interesting. One of our favorite go-to proteins is venison - this lean, protein-packed ingredient is sure to please. Why do we love it so much?

1) Heart Health

Since dogs tend to be quite active, they require a good deal of protein. Depending on the animal source, some protein will contain more fat, but venison is rich, lean protein with low fat content. It is similar to beef in construction and flavor (a bit gamey, but I don’t think Fido will mind), but with less saturated fat than most other red meat, which makes it better for heart and cardiovascular health!

2) Trim Tummies

If your pup is maintaining or losing weight, venison is a great choice for protein. By promoting an energy filled protein, low in calories and fat, it will supply the nutritional needs and energy to your furry-friend without adding additional unnecessary calories. You can rest easy knowing he's getting the benefits of protein-packed red meat, without worrying about needing to add an extra hole to that collar.

3) Muscles Like Popeye

Popeye was famous for his iron intake from spinach, but who knew that venison contained more iron than beef?! Someone should tell him (though, Olive Oyl probably already tried that. Men, they listen as well as a hound dog chasing a rabbit!). Iron helps pump blood to muscles and increases connective tissue production. This increases body efficiency, and eases strain on the heart.

Your life is busy but that doesn't affect your commitment to making the best decisions for your barking best buddy. Incorporating venison into your dog's diet can be accomplished through their mainstay dog kibble. If you are considering switching foods, we encourage you to transition your dog food with knowledge.

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