Easter Treats For Your Furry Friends

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Apr 11, 2014 2:23:00 PM

Spring has almost sprung, it is steadily starting to get warmer. Thank goodness we can finally shed our sweaters and boots for shorts, capris and t-shirts. With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d help you (and the Easter Bunny) out with some special Easter and Spring themed treats (if you forgot Easter is April 20th, but these treats will stick around a bit longer through the end of spring!!!)

Jones All Natural Rabbit Jerky

The Rabbit Jerky Easter Pack is a yummy combination of FOUR packages of Jones All Natural Rabbit Jerky. If your pup has yet to try them, do yourself and your pup a favor and put them in his Easter basket this year. Rabbit is a lean, wholesome, gamey protein that will have your pup lickin his chops for some more! **If you are already a lover of this Rabbit Jerky then definitely get the pack, we are offering it at a reduced price**

Sam's Yams Carrot Crunchers

The Hopping Easter Treat Pack features THREE bags of Sam’s Yams Hoppin Good Carrot Cruncher Cookies. These “cookies” are not made with any grains, flours or fillers, but made directly from fruits and vegetables. Like many of Sam’s Yams products, they are made predominantly of all-natural sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are one of SitStay’s favorite superfoods. These Hoppin Good treats also have carrots (mhmm, duh), apples, and a bit of water. These Cookies are a bit like a chew, and will be a nice treat to keep your pup occupied (and clean their teeth).

Wet Noses Treat Bundle

The Hop Into Health Easter Treat Pack includes one of the newer brands to SitStay.com - Wet Noses. Wet Noses is all about good, fun, organic ingredients. We are offering TWO Big Bones (Large Bone Shaped Cookies) in the Apples & Carrots and Peas & Carrots flavors, and ONE package of Wet Noses biscuits in the Peas and Carrots variety. Wet Noses only offers organic, USDA approved fruits and vegetables into their treats. You will find NO fillers, by products, preservatives, corn, wheat or soy!

Max & Ruffy's

The cutest Treat Pack on the market right now -- Max & Ruffy’s Pastel Easter Treat Pack. Max & Ruffy’s was SitStay’s 2013 Favorite Find. These GoodDog approved treats are all-natural, organic, and vegan! They come in two different sizes (a bigger cookie for a treat, or smaller for training or small breeds). Max & Ruffy’s are great for dog’s with allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients. The flavors in the treat pack include one of each (all 5 oz): 24 Carob Gold: Strawberry and Carob, W.P. Pizza, Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch, and 327 B.C Banana and Coconut Treats.

Easter Bunny's Favorites
Finally, the Easter Bunny’s Favorites Treat Pack: combining all of the best spring flavors! This package includes (1) Wet Noses Grain Free Peas and Carrots Biscuits, (1) Jones Natural Rabbit Jerky, and (1) Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit and Apple Biscuits. All of these products offer both nutrition and flavor for your pup. The variety in the two different types of cookies - one meaty and the other with wholesome veggies - paired with the delicious lean, rabbit jerky will be the perfect gift for any pup!

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Spring Cleaning: Don't Forget Fido's Pantry

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Mar 31, 2014 1:30:42 PM


Spring cleaning is in full swing around SitStay (and at home)! We all remember to cover the bases: sweeping, mopping, dusting (yes, that means dusting under things too!) and removing as much clutter as we can.

Spring cleaning can also mean a fresh start for your pantry, AND Fido's pantry. When was the last time you got your favorite furry friends a new bag of treats? What is the expiration date on the old ones? While spring cleaning you always want to be checking labels. Feeding Fido (and yourself and other humans) old or expired food can be harmful, and just isn’t enjoyable for your dog, and surely won't be enjoyable for you when cleaning up the result.

After checking the date on the label, be sure to check the quality of the ingredients. To ensure that your pup is actually getting the benefits from the superfood or featured ingredient, make sure that ingredient is near the top of the list. Ingredients are listed by the percent content it makes up the product.

While ingredients are important, what is the brand telling you? Is this brand environmentally and pet friendly? Are they trying to make a difference in the life of your dog or just trying to make a buck? SitStay believes in only featuring brands that are beneficial to your pup! Remember, we only recommend products that we also feed our own dogs!

A few of our favorite brands include:
- Max & Ruffy’s
- Wet Noses
- Evanger’s
- Scout & Zoe’s


Happy Spring, and happy cleaning!


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SitStay Releases St. Patrick's Day Treats

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Mar 4, 2014 11:34:00 AM


Being a lucky dog has a whole new meaning thanks to ShinDig Dog, a brand of dog treats for the occasional celebration. 

LINCOLN, NEB. - March 1, 2014 - SitStay.com, the destination site for ‘Good Dog’ approved treats today unveils three new St. Patrick's Day inspired dog treats within the ShinDig Dog brand of dog treats. ShinDig Dog specializes in promoting dog treats for the occasional celebration. 

What's better than bully sticks & kisses? Each convenient jar includes FIFTEEN 8" Bully Sticks. Maybe they will bring you luck? Or, they will just bring you another great reason to spoil that good (and lucky) dog of yours!

Patties of Gold is a blend of all-natural green tripe, beef and seafood dog treat patties that make perfect rewards for your good dog. Each pattie is fortified with enriching nutrients including B vitamins to support your dogs immune system and a wide range of essential amino acids needed for growth, maintenance, reproduction and repair.

Each poultry packed bag includes 100% USDA inspected, human-grade chicken breast fillets. These wholesome single-protein-source rewards are the perfect way to reward your good dog.

SitStay believes that “we don’t own pets, they own us.”  Since 1996, we have nurtured relationships between pets and their owners by discovering products that are healthful, enriching and “good dog” approved, and delivering these pet products to your doorstep. We aren’t just a business, we are first and foremost pet parents seeking only the best treats and toys available for our dogs.  Working closely with companies throughout the pet industry, we uncover great products and unleash them to you.  Our philosophy is simple: share products that empower pet owners to raise happy, healthy and good dogs. For more information, visit www.sitstay.com


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Licks of Love: SitStay.com Valentine’s Day Treats for Pets

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Jan 22, 2014 3:54:17 PM


SitStay.com, the destination site for ‘Good Dog’ approved treats and supplies, today unveils its all-natural Valentine’s Day treat collection that will spoil your pets this Feb. 14 with a heartfelt sampling of American-made, high quality delicacies from their premium doggie deli.  

Our treats feature love-inspired names, personalizable Valentine’s Day cards and delicious ingredients including:


LOVE LICKS - Bison Heart & Tongue Patties

The jumbo all-natural bison heart & tongue patties are made from USDA inspected, free range bison tongue and heart. The perfectly paired proteins are packed with nutrients and are guaranteed to get you kisses galore from your adoring pet! 


HEARTBARKERS - 100% Beef Heart Slices

Truly a treat from the heart! The USDA inspected, 100% beef heart slices are naturally full of health benefits for dogs. High in protein and low in fat, these crunchy delicacies are the rewards that won’t break his heart! 


LOVE BIRDS - Chicken & Turkey Breast Fillets

Your dog will flock to your side once they get a taste of these love birds!
Each poultry packed bag includes 100% USDA inspected, human-grade chicken & turkey breast fillets. These wholesome single-protein-source rewards are the perfect way to share your featherless love with your canine companion. 

The Valentine’s Day treats are inspired by Shindig Dog, a new brand of dog treats for the occasional celebration, and are available on SitStay.com.  Featuring one of the largest selection of dog treats available online, SitStay.com’s deli is the online destination for Fido’s favorite foods and exclusive treats available to you 24/7.  


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Holiday party mix--for dogs and humans

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Dec 12, 2013 10:12:21 AM


Holidays are sometimes about throwing a little bit of what you have together. Whether it is your wacky in-laws, second cousins, and your sister and her 5 kids all in the same house, or the ingredients in the pantry for a last minute dinner party, you have to be quick on your toes.

When you are throwing the PERFECT Holiday Party you absolutely need the perfect recipes--for two & four legged guests alike. At SitStay we are ALL about the healthy & nutritional benefits, but also just winging it sometimes. So add your own flare to the recipes, & don’t forget to put in a lot of love and holiday cheer.

Puppy Holiday Mix Recipe: (this is a trial and error recipe, so add a little, take a little away, put YOUR flare on it, you know your pooch best)

Meaty Holiday Feast Puppy Chow

  1. In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients (treats and chews listed..or those of your choice)

  2. Add the Pumpkin Seed Oil (this stuff is unbelievable! Read more about it)

  3. Garnish with the Bacon Roll (or your pup’s favorite chew)

  4. Make sure to only serve minimal amounts to furry friends everywhere--this mix is packed with a lot!

Human Holiday Mix Recipe: original recipe found at CHEX

Red Velvet Santa Hat Christmas Party Mix

  • 6 cups Chocolate Chex Cereal

  • ½ cup packed brown sugar

  • ⅓ cup butter

  • 3 tablespoons corn syrup

  • 1 drop red gel food coloring

  • 1 cup Devil’s Food Cake Mix (use the leftovers to make a mini batch up cupcakes..cut the recipes on the box in half)

  • ½ cup cream cheese frosting (or make your own, SUPER easy)

  1. In large microwavable bowl, place cereal; set aside. In medium microwavable bowl, microwave brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, food color and cake mix uncovered on High 2 to 2 1/2 minutes or until mixture is boiling. Immediately pour over cereal; toss until well coated.

  2. Spread on waxed paper. Cool 5 minutes.

  3. In small microwavable bowl, place frosting; microwave uncovered on High 20 seconds. Drizzle over cereal mixture. Store loosely covered.


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Chew on This!

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Nov 19, 2013 4:25:00 PM


Birds fly, fish swim, and let’s face it, dogs chew. They do other things too, like dig, bark, shed, etc., but we’ll concentrate on chewing for this article.

Dogs chew for many reasons. When they are puppies, they chew to explore the world around them (much like an infant that puts everything in his mouth). At this stage, it is a way for a young pup to “feel” his way around his world and discover what’s in his environment and how to interact with it.

As they get older, chewing can be triggered by teething; the soothing feeling of something in the sensitive mouth with new teeth starting to erupt. While totally appropriate, this is where pups can start to get into trouble in the “human world”. Their propensity to chew to either investigate or to answer a craving will likely lead to chewing whatever is nearby that suits their fancy…even if it is your favorite pair of leather running shoes.

About this age also, dogs are starting to understand how hard they can and should “mouth” or bite things. This is a critical skill that needs to happen to have a safe and well adjusted dog in our world. At this stage, we don’t want to discourage teeth on skin, but help you pup understand how sensitive our puny human skin is and how hard is too hard when it comes to mouthing (or biting).

As dogs get older, their ravenous drive to chew wanes, but many other reasons for chewing start to emerge. Stress relief, boredom, excitement, separation anxiety, dental problems, and attention getting are some of the reasons an adult dog may chew inappropriately. It is important to recognize the cause of destructive chewing if you want to relieve the problem. The best way to start, however, is to not let the destructive behavior begin in the first place. For this, we go back to puppyhood.

While your pup is in its formative stages and has the biological need to chew, there are several key steps to help insure he won’t be a destructive chewer when he grows:
•  Control the environment – at this stage, if the pup isn’t supposed to have it, don’t leave it laying around.
•  Give him appropriate things to chew on. People laugh when I tell them this, but at this stage (up to almost 1 year old), you should be begrudging the day you got a dog, because with every step you take there seems to be a dog toy in your way. Do not put the toys away, and forget about a pristine house for now. Your dog should look down wherever he is and find something he’s SUPPOSED to chew on at his feet.
•  Make sure you have rules—every family and every family member has rules. Your dog should too . . . and he should know those rules. However, don’t just tell him what he can’t do, that’s just not fair. Introduce the rules to him by telling him what he CAN do and redirecting when he doesn’t get it quite right
Mental and physical exercise – the old saying goes a tired dog is a good dog and that holds true for many instances, this included.

At any stage, however, giving your dog appropriate things to chew on is crucial. Given the proper things to chew on, it can strengthen his gums, clean his teeth, and keep him contented. Some good things to give your dog to chew on are: Kong toys. . .stuffed or otherwise, natural chew sticks, bully sticks, dental chews, etc. SitStay's new product, Brown Beggers™ Chew Samplers is an ideal way to incorporate a variety of chews into your dog's diet.

Always, though, remember supervision. Always be aware of what your dog is doing and the potential hazards that come with every activity.

By Joann Neve, M.Ed., CPDT-KAPack Leader Behavior & Training  |  www.packleaderbehavior.com


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Ingredients, Ingredients, Dog Food Ingredients

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Nov 4, 2013 9:28:00 AM


One of the biggest topics on the food seen right now (especially with scares and recalls) is about particular ingredients. It is so important to be an informed and aware consumer, especially when it comes to your four-legged best friend! So here are a few helpful tips when looking to buy and compare products:

1) Made/manufactured in the USA
Although this is a GREAT place to start, it does not always mean that the ingredients are from the USA. It does however mean that the treats, toys, food, what have you, is assembled, baked, processed, packaged, etc. in the United States. This is great! Now on to the next step:

2) Bred, sourced from, farmed from USA
This is money! This means that the ingredients are also from the USA. Sometimes companies DO make or manufacture their products in the US, but their ingredients are sourced from another country (China or any other high export country). This can cause some concern on product quality. Not always, but the regulations on how animals and products are treated are different from each country, so here at SitStay we find it best to try to find products thats ingredients are from the US. Now on to the next checkbox:

3) Organic, all-natural, local, grass-fed
These are awesome signs that this product is of the best quality. It means that these animals or ingredients weren’t given additives, hormones, or bred in immoral ways (factory farms..that’s a whole different blog post and soap box). It also means that the company cares to sometimes go the extra step or pay more for better quality ingredients, which is great for you and your pooch!!

Other things to be aware of:

4) Grain free, gluten free, NO additives or fillers
Although these each mean a slightly different thing, but each are good news. Especially the no additives or fillers--for a long time companies were adding only a flavoring of the main protein and then filling the majority of the product with corn or wheat to bulk it up and cut costs! Thank goodness so many companies are straying away from this protocol. But, as the consumer it is still important to look at the ingredients list. On the list, the first ingredient comprises the biggest percentage of the product, and then lesser ingredients are listed in descending order. So, if you want a chicken treat make sure chicken is the first listed, not different types of flours and compounds, and THEN chicken--because that means chicken is merely an aromatic or flavor booster.

So, please just take these helpful tips when shopping for you or your pooch!! And always go with your gut, but be aware that fancy packaging is not always the best indicator! Do some research, look at the fine print!


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Natural Dog Chew Line Made on Memories

Posted by Sara Dreamer, CEO

Sep 26, 2013 10:00:00 AM


As pet products suppliers, we spend several hours a day amongst thousands of products and take great pride in our product selection. Every once in awhile that process reminds me of childhood trips to the grocery store with my grandmother. 

The weekly event was enjoyable because of her simple approach. Her judgment of good products was not made through fancy product packaging; actually, it was the fancy labels that she always avoided. She used to say – “Extra fluff is for your hips, not your food”. Nothing was more memorable than our stop at the butcher shop. Good thing Grandma was a foxy lady because she kept those men behind the meat counter on their toes! As a farmer’s wife, she took great pride in preparing hearty and healthy meals for our family, therefore she picked very few processed foods. At the meat counter she handpicked each piece of meat (yes, while waving her pointer finger) and they packaged it for us. After gathering our brown-paper-wrapped-proteins, Grandma would ask for a treat for her “good girl” (that was me) and we would BOTH walk away with a juicy pickle.  

Brown Beggers is a line of products that evolved from those memories at the meat counter. Dog chews surely don’t remind me of Grandma, but standing for quality in its simplest form does. The high-quality products within the line are all handpicked from our treat counter, packaged for your good dog and sent to your front door. The Chew Sampler is my favorite, it’s a smorgasbord of our most popular dog chews that make a great addition to your four-legged family’s hearty and healthy daily meals. Variety is not only the spice of life, it is also a great way to prevent a picky eater, which is why the sampler collections change regularly. Enjoy them!

We invite you to join the SitStay mission of good people and good dogs helping each other enjoy the good life. And, we also invite you to surface a childhood memory that brings a smile – our busy lives keep us from doing that often enough.

Cheers to brown paper and memories with grandmothers!

Dogs all over love the products! See what they have to say:


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Taking Treats Gently

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Jul 22, 2013 4:48:00 PM


By Joann Neve, Pack Leader Behavior & Training

One important thing that dogs must learn is how to take treats from people gently. When taking a treat, there should be very minimal or no sensation of teeth on the person’s hand, much less any type of pinch or bite. To combat this, I have heard many people give treats to their dog while saying “gently” and many times, the dog understands this command. However, will your dog always know to take treats gently when the 5 year old neighbor comes to give your dog a treat and doesn’t know to say gently first?

That’s why I maintain that a dogs soft mouth should never be under command, it should be a natural. In order to accomplish this, you must readjust your thinking to not say gentle when giving treats to your dog. You should always give them from your fingers (rather than open palm or throwing them on the floor). You also need to start to pay attention to any sensation of teeth on skin, even if it doesn’t hurt you.

The procedure is simple. If you feel teeth on skin, simply jerk the treat away from the dog and let out a high-pitched, loud “ouch”, almost of squeal quality. Your dog will likely look shocked or startled. Present the treat again, and 99% of the time he will come at it MUCH softer again. Repeat as often as necessary, but the hard biting will likely disappear quickly. This must be followed by everyone who gives treats to your dog until he has learned a solid soft mouth.


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A Case for Kongs

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Jul 22, 2013 4:45:00 PM


If every dog in the world could be given one toy, I think the Kong would be the way to go. A Kong toy is shaped somewhat like a rounded rubber pyramid with a hollow center. Kongs have three chewing “levels” – red for beginners, black for tough chewers, and blue Kongs, which are the toughest level and are available only through veterinarians because they are radio opaque (which means they will show up on an x-ray if the dog swallows them). There are also special, softer Kongs made for puppies or senior dogs. These Kong toys have a marbled appearance, with white mixed into the pink, blue, or purple color.

Kong toys are extremely durable, which means they can go from the microwave to the freezer to the dishwasher and back again without breaking down. They stand up well to almost every dog, provided you choose the right size and hardness level for your dog’s tenacity of chewing. Kong toys bounce erratically when thrown and provide a great chew toy.

The thing that puts a Kong toy head & tails above the competition, though, is their hollow center. Kong toys can be stuffed with an amazing variety of food items. This is a great source for mental exercise! For dogs who are left home alone all day, consider throwing out your dog’s food bowl & feeding solely from Kong toys.

There are certainly other brands of toys that resemble Kongs available, but the Kong is the “original” toy and is the one that seems to work best for most dogs. There is one Kong knock-off on the market which may be of interest to some people though, and that is the “Squirrel Dude” toy manufactured by Premier/PetSafe. This tough purple toy (yes, it resembles a squirrel) improves on the Kong design by adding four small rubber prongs which line the inside of the toy’s hole. These prongs make it much harder to get food back out of a Squirrel Dude toy once you’ve stuffed it in. A Squirrel Dude toy is not for a beginner to puzzle stuffing, but can provide a nice challenge to dogs for whom a Kong toy no longer gives any challenge. The Squirrel Dude toys can be further customized by lopping off one or more of the rubber prongs with a sharp pair of scissors, so that you can adjust the toy’s level of difficulty.

To clean your dog’s Kongs out, use the cleaning brushes that can be used for baby bottles, or just scrub around inside the opening with your fingers. Kongs are dishwasher safe, but be warned that tightly lodged food can easily sneak through an entire dishwashing cycle. Make sure your dog’s Kongs are cleaned regularly to prevent food from spoiling.

In the next newsletter we’ll discuss Kong stuffing options, as well as other games to play with these toys.

Do you use Kong toys for your dog? Please share your favorite Kong stuffing recipes, games, or other tips and tricks on SitStay's Facebook page!


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