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Spring Into Outdoor Play

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Mar 20, 2014 8:00:00 AM


We’ve been stuck inside all winter. Trying to play fetch in the living room, braving the cold for a quick, freezing walk, and longing for those dog days of summer again. Well no more! As of TODAY, March 20th, it is officially spring, and we're excited! 

Exercise and play, which involve anything from fetch to a walk, provide many benefits for your pooch. Regular exercise helps keep dogs healthy and limber, reduces digestive problems, aids in weight control, and can put an end to bad behavior problems that a dog who doesn’t get enough play and exercise time might have.  

As you head outdoors to enjoy the warmer (and sometimes bipolar) weather of spring, don’t forget Fido’s toys. At SitStay, we love Twiggy the Stick, a member of The Sticks, a loveable family of totally terrified fetch toys. Made from recycled rubber, these fun toys are both dog friendly and eco-friendly. Twiggy’s slobber resistant rope means easier throwing and less slobber for you. Thanks to eyes that glow in the dark and Twiggy’s ability to float in water, you won’t have any trouble finding this member of the Sticks family.

Another great toy for that member of your family who loves to run and play fetch is the Hyperflite Jawz Disc. This tough, puncture resistant disc is perfect for big dogs. All Jawz discs feature Hyperflite's patent pending X-Flash™ Anti-Glare Technology. The Hyperflite Jawz Disc is a great flying disc for competition or playtime at the park. Still, while both of these toys are tough, neither are intended to be chew toys.

As you grab your tennis shoes and Fido’s leash, don’t forget to grab his toys. Head out and enjoy some backyard or park play in the beautiful spring sunshine with your favorite four legged friend!

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