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Dogs are the best Valentine; It's Scientifically Proven

Posted by sitstaydogs

Jan 23, 2014 5:16:32 PM


As if spoiling our dogs 364 days a year isn't enough, we are all about spoiling our dogs on Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because we are busy working pet parents who are guilty of fly-by affection. Or, maybe it's because it's scientifically proven that we have to! Could it be? Get this ... 

Emmanuel College, in Boston, MA, put into perspective the true meaning of “man’s best friend” and the importance of our relationship with our dogs. Research indicates that, “Dogs play a distinct role in their impact on human relationships and processes because of the unique role they play in American society, existing in a liminal space of "almost" human. Both the level of emotional attachment and the requisite daily care make dogs important players in bringing humans in contact with one another and mediating human relationships.”

So, it HAS been scientifically proven that love with our dogs is essential! And what better way to show them your affection than to spoil them with healthy, yummy treats on the LOVE DAY OF THE YEAR - Valentine's Day.

ShinDig Dog, a brand new line of dog treats for the occasional celebration, has got your covered! ShinDig Dog has launched exclusive Valentine's Day treats just in time for that special day. The Valentine's Day Treat Trio includes 100% USDA inspected chicken & turkey jerky, all natural and nutritious beef heart chips and perfect patties that are made from American bison heart & tongue.

Now, if heart & tongue doesn't say I love you ... we don't know what does!

Visit and grab a Valentine's Day dog treat or plush goodie for your four-legged heart thumper. We're also prepared to send a little something to any of your far-away friends and will include a hand-written love gram. 

Sit. Stay. Love'um up!

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Cheers from Nebraska!