#1 Best Seller of 2013

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Nov 26, 2013 11:13:43 AM



We love this award because it truly is a great indicator of our customers' favorite product! The winner of this award competes against all 5,000+ products in the SitStay.com store, ranging from doggie diapers to service dog vests.   This year's best seller is favored by so many thus the recommendation comes straight from loyal customers and good dogs. Drum roll ...

The #1 Best Seller of 2013 goes to: Elinora’s Fish Skin Chews.

Elinora’s Fish Skin Chews was not only a favorite, but almost seemed to take on a cult-like following. After a dog owner introduces these to their four-legged friends they quickly inquire about our bulk discounts! The omega-3 filled, nutritious chews are a great alternative to bully sticks and have a fresh fish taste that keep dogs megging for more. When we asked our customers for holiday gifts for dogs recommendations, Elinora's Fish Skin Chews gift sets were top on the list. 

We source these chews directly from Elinora, the founder and avid dog-lover, in Iceland. Our long-standing partnership with her helps us ensure quality in every bag. Nutritious, affordable, award-winning. What more can we say?

Dogs across the globe have barked. And, this is their favorite!


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Best Dog Chew of the Year

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Nov 26, 2013 11:13:23 AM



The Best Chew of the Year is awarded to the treat that is tasty, can stand the test of time for your monster chewers, are healthy & safe! Because chewing for pups is so important for gum and teeth health, our four-legged friends need great products to literally sink their teeth into. We choose a treat that can keep your pooch satisfied for a lengthy amount of time, but is also safe and healthy. We also enjoy chews that are easy for the two legged variety to maintain: don’t splinter to worry about choking, dye free, stain free and odor free.

The 2013 Best Chew of the Year is awarded to: Jones Natural Chews Curly Q Bully Sticks

The shape of the Jones Natural Chews Curly Q is probably why pooches love this chew the most. The Curly Q’s swizzled design makes it a fun task for dog’s to work on for a while. We also know dog’s absolutely love the flavor of the Curly Q’s all-natural beef pizzle. Jones Natural Chews always supplies us with high-quality products that we can count on and they offer a plethora of chews of different varieties. We've tried other brands but proudly continue to pack & pick these daily from our natural treat deli bar.

Sit. Stay. Twist & Curl. 

Full list of 2013 winners



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Most Cuddled Dog Toy of 2013

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Nov 26, 2013 11:12:18 AM



The Most Cuddled Dog Toy of the Year always brings a comforting smile to our faces and absorbs gallons of slobber coast to coast. There are many plush toys on the market and in your doggie toy box but this year’s winner stood out from the rest.

Winner of the SitStay.com Most Cuddled Dog Toy of 2013: "Ali" the Plush Aligator

Ali, a durable plush toy made by Kong, was spotted in more photos and invoices than any other plush this year and was the first product nominated for the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.


Perhaps it’s great because it is suitable for a good boy or good girl. Maybe it’s the bright Kermit the Frog green color. It could also be the affordable price or its “fit right under your chin during a nap” size and shape.

No matter the reason - Thanks Ali for cuddling, napping, bearing the bites and absorbing the slobber for so many of our four-legged friends this year! 

See all the winners at SitStay.com!


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Highest Brand Integrity of the Year

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Nov 26, 2013 11:11:48 AM



A $50+ billion dollar industry has a lot of brands and fortunately, the pet industry is overloaded with great brand that we have the pleasure to work alongside. This year’s Highest Brand Integrity Award tallied with a tie and for good reason. Criteria for this award involves 4 key objectives:

  1. Passion
  2. Mission
  3. Operations
  4. Quality

This year's winners of the Highest Brand Integrity Award goes to : Scout & Zoe's and Front Porch Pets

When we first met Cindy Dunston Quirk, the founder, owner and visionary driving Scout & Zoe’s, we could feel her passion immediately. After learning more about the story behind the products, the pups that fuel the passion and her commitment to developing great products we knew we had identified an award candidate but more importantly, a keen friendship. Scout & Zoe’s products lead by sourcing locally. They are clean, pure, yummy and healthful - a combination we have come to expect in pet products. We look forward to seeing this brand grow and are thankful we crossed paths.

The second winner of the Highest Brand Integrity of the Year Award is Front Porch Pets - known for their fan-tabulous Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Treats (which so happened to be #2 top selling treat of 2013) is a brand much bigger than a famous root vegetable. Did you know the high-quality ingredients packed into each product are sourced from a 50 mile radius of their company? That is impressive. Their commitment to local trade, quality assurance, functional treat offerings and simply being “gosh darn great people to work with” summarizes their receipt of this award.

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Paws Down Good Product of 2013

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Nov 26, 2013 11:11:10 AM



The Paws Down Good Product Award is given to a SitStay product that is practical for busy, working pet owners like so many of us.  This year’s winner really fits the bill (actually, only $3 bills)!

The 2013 Paws Down Good Product Winner is: Earth Rated Poopbag Dispenser

The tidy little dispenser houses 15 poop bags that actually smell … lovely (no kidding - the lavendar smell is perfect). They can tuck, sneak and hide in your purse, car, diaper bag, pocket or drawer and can clip to your belt, leash or rear view mirror if you are a hard-core pet dude. Great size. Great price. Great smell (when you are dealing with poop - come on, this is such a bonus). The Earth Rated team are great people doing their part, changing lives one poop pile at a time. Ok, we got a little carried away on that one. They are just awesome!

Get a few! And, peek at all 2013 Winners!



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Favorite Brand Story of the Year

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Nov 26, 2013 11:10:48 AM


In our fast-paced, feed dog feed world we live in, we cherish the things that remind us to pause and reminisce. People, songs, sites, products … there are many feel-good memory triggers.


This year’s winner of the 2013 Favorite Brand Concept: Brown Beggers™


Brown Beggers™ is a brand built on memories - the days when markets weren’t super and owners of businesses actually ran them. SitStay.com has one of the industries largest natural dog chew deli’s and handpicks bully sticks, tendons, beef hearts, tripe and all sorts of natural chews across the globe daily. The array of products in their raw form strung a cord for CEO, Sara Dreamer, who carries fond memories of adventures to the deli with her grandmother. The memories of browsing the deli counter, handpicking the products and watching them being wrapped by the butcher is the inspiration behind this brand.

We encourage you to: Sit. Stay. Pause & Remember.

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Favorite Finds of 2013

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Nov 26, 2013 10:30:00 AM



Our Favorite Finds go to the companies & products that tug at our heartstrings, make us jump for joy, and truly get us excited for offering you and your pup’s the best quality products we possibly can!

Our favorites encompass all that SitStay.com is proud to offer to our own dogs and yours: wholesome ingredients, innovation, high-quality, functional and just darn good! We aren’t the only one’s jumping for joy, they were given four paws up (we must have counted that while they were rolling over) from our pups & 100% good dog approved. These are just down right great products made by great people.

Unlike other years, this year we could not choose JUST ONE favorite (the more the merrier), so our Favorite Finds of 2013 go to: Max & Ruffy’s Organic Vegan Treats and Distinctive Dog Functional Treats.

Max & Ruffy’s Organic Vegan Treats come in a culinary cornucopia of flavors that often make our mouths water. The treats are petite, firm and truly have authority within a category overloaded with options. The nutritious morsals hold their own in the package, your pocket or training pouch and make the perfect low-calorie reward for your good dog. Max & Ruffy's brand is built on integrity which adds tremendous comfort when making product choices for our dogs and yours. Paws down - these are ever so worthy of this award!

Distinctive Dog Functional Treats is another line of dog treats that we are extremely thankful for. The savory and tempting recipes add a flair of sophisticated gourmet to your dogs' diet while the coconut oil adds tremendous nutritional value.

We read a great deal about balancing your dog's diet and hear about their concerns of feeding treats in general; stating they are not necessary in a dog's diet. We don't disagree when it comes to overfeeding low-quality but do disagree when given the option of feeding high quality treats that offer condensed vitamins and minerals dogs don't get in dog food alone.

Both treat lines are must-adds to your pantry. They are indeed one of the very best in the pet industry market!

Learn about all other winners!


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Sara's Christmas Countdown Checklist

Posted by Sara Dreamer, CEO

Nov 26, 2013 8:48:00 AM


Today my girlfriend reminded me there are only 48 days before Christmas.

She evidently forgot that I work in retail and have been planning since July. Haha, I thought to myself. Then, it hit me like a well-packed snowball! I haven't a thing ready for this holiday season!

After a mini melt-down and a glass of wine, I jotted down my list & thought I would share .... just in case you are still figuring out how to be a rockstar in 48 days or less.

get Gift set for Dexter & ONLY 3 stocking stuffers (not as many as last year I'm afraid - darn health care costs)
give Gift under $10 for neighbor who helps with Dexter and a $20 for his girlfriend Maggie. Also grab a few gift-giving bags to fill with homemade goodies (can't let Martha down)
invite Get the Holipaw Party on the calendar (Dec. 7 for us) & send invites (I'm using the Facebook image download to save time, THANK YOU Facebook events!)
plan Grab snacks, a few party favors and beverage recipes (there are going to be several dogs under one roof - we WILL need a few drinks!)
enjoy Take a few minutes for myself to relax, review my ever-growing Christmas list & test a few of those drink recipes before the party. It is the friendly thing to do after all!

The clock is indeed ticking but I got this!




Doggie Christmas Cookie Exchange

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Nov 21, 2013 6:39:00 PM

What is cuter than a doggy Christmas Cookie Exchange!?! We actually couldn’t think of anything..so:

1) Invite your closest neighbors, friends, and family with their pups to this Christmas Cookie Exchange!

2) Bring your cookies:

polkadog_bakery_big_ass_can_treats__72687.1383232801.1280.1280Polka Dog Bakery’s Big Ass Can O’ Treats
For those of you that want to spread holiday cheer to EVERYONE, and then give them a “doggy” bag to take home with them, because let’s be honest--5lbs will last forever! This is a daily hand-picked assortment of the chef’s favorite cookies and treats ranging from Liver’s Lane, Carob Chip (molasses and peanut butter), Kung Pug, Peanut Butter Cinnamon, Pizza, After Dinner Mints, Peanut Butter Oatmeal, or Tuna Yelper

distinctive_dog_gourmet_dog_treats__51427.1381849547.1280.1280Distinctive Dog Treats
These cookies will please any pooch, & any human in the room will be cooing over the cuteness of these heart-shaped treats! Offered in one of the most delicious ingredients sweet potato carrot cake! This will be sure to satisfy any furball, and also has additive benefits in digestion and is a low calorie, nutrient packed treat.


buddybiscuitssitstayCloud Star’s Holiday Buddy Biscuits
Anyone who is an Oprah fan will know about these: they were featured on her Christmas list! These gingerbread cookies are made with the best ingredients and are corn free! They also have the most fun (and recycled yay!) festive, holiday packaging.

sojos_good_dog_treats__97829.1379611656.1280.1280Sojo’s Good Dog Treats
We highly suggest it in the Apple Dumpling variety--apples and cinnamon on a cold day with all of your puppy friends doesn’t get much better than that! Sojo’s are also wheat and corn free, so can be shared even with puppy friends that may have allergies!

sams_yams_cranapple_orange_crunchers__64930.1383170811.1280.1280Sam’s Yams Cookies
So, technically I would not venture to say these are really cookies at all--as the ingredients consist of dehydrated sweet potatoes & various fruits & vegetables. There are absolutely no grains or fillers, and are made from USA ingredients! I would highly suggest the Sam’s Yams Cranapple Orange Cruncher because it is such a festive flavor. I would also highly suggest to finish of the meal (or any meal) with the Sam’s Yams Green and clean cookie, ingredients including apples, pumpkin seed, papaya, parsley, alfalfa, spearmint, peppermint, and thyme. The parlsey, spearmint, and peppermint will aid in bad breath and gum diseases--and you CAN’T have bad breath at a party!

3) ENJOY!!!

4) Howl and bark carols to all of your friends---okay, skip this step if you are tone deaf (like the SitStay family--we will turn on our favorite iTunes holiday mix)

Always remember to follow packaging instructions on feeding, and don’t overfeed your pooch (they get tummy aches and bloated just like us two-legged folk do!)


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Chew on This!

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Nov 19, 2013 4:25:00 PM


Birds fly, fish swim, and let’s face it, dogs chew. They do other things too, like dig, bark, shed, etc., but we’ll concentrate on chewing for this article.

Dogs chew for many reasons. When they are puppies, they chew to explore the world around them (much like an infant that puts everything in his mouth). At this stage, it is a way for a young pup to “feel” his way around his world and discover what’s in his environment and how to interact with it.

As they get older, chewing can be triggered by teething; the soothing feeling of something in the sensitive mouth with new teeth starting to erupt. While totally appropriate, this is where pups can start to get into trouble in the “human world”. Their propensity to chew to either investigate or to answer a craving will likely lead to chewing whatever is nearby that suits their fancy…even if it is your favorite pair of leather running shoes.

About this age also, dogs are starting to understand how hard they can and should “mouth” or bite things. This is a critical skill that needs to happen to have a safe and well adjusted dog in our world. At this stage, we don’t want to discourage teeth on skin, but help you pup understand how sensitive our puny human skin is and how hard is too hard when it comes to mouthing (or biting).

As dogs get older, their ravenous drive to chew wanes, but many other reasons for chewing start to emerge. Stress relief, boredom, excitement, separation anxiety, dental problems, and attention getting are some of the reasons an adult dog may chew inappropriately. It is important to recognize the cause of destructive chewing if you want to relieve the problem. The best way to start, however, is to not let the destructive behavior begin in the first place. For this, we go back to puppyhood.

While your pup is in its formative stages and has the biological need to chew, there are several key steps to help insure he won’t be a destructive chewer when he grows:
•  Control the environment – at this stage, if the pup isn’t supposed to have it, don’t leave it laying around.
•  Give him appropriate things to chew on. People laugh when I tell them this, but at this stage (up to almost 1 year old), you should be begrudging the day you got a dog, because with every step you take there seems to be a dog toy in your way. Do not put the toys away, and forget about a pristine house for now. Your dog should look down wherever he is and find something he’s SUPPOSED to chew on at his feet.
•  Make sure you have rules—every family and every family member has rules. Your dog should too . . . and he should know those rules. However, don’t just tell him what he can’t do, that’s just not fair. Introduce the rules to him by telling him what he CAN do and redirecting when he doesn’t get it quite right
Mental and physical exercise – the old saying goes a tired dog is a good dog and that holds true for many instances, this included.

At any stage, however, giving your dog appropriate things to chew on is crucial. Given the proper things to chew on, it can strengthen his gums, clean his teeth, and keep him contented. Some good things to give your dog to chew on are: Kong toys. . .stuffed or otherwise, natural chew sticks, bully sticks, dental chews, etc. SitStay's new product, Brown Beggers™ Chew Samplers is an ideal way to incorporate a variety of chews into your dog's diet.

Always, though, remember supervision. Always be aware of what your dog is doing and the potential hazards that come with every activity.

By Joann Neve, M.Ed., CPDT-KAPack Leader Behavior & Training  |  www.packleaderbehavior.com


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