Meet Mr Omega 3 and Mrs Omega 6

Posted by Sara Dreamer, CEO

Jan 28, 2014 10:48:43 AM


Once upon a time there were two fatty acids, Miss Omega 3 and Mr. Omega 6. They traveled near and far in all sorts of ingredients and product formulations searching for true love.

Miss Omega 3 was a polyunsaturated fatty acid. She loved hanging out in healthy fish and oils, a few plant oils and other hot spots. Omega 3 was in charge of helping normal growth, improving heart function, and also helping the inflammatory agents of the body to fight off infection. Through her busy days of curing and improving the body, still she yearned for her one true love.

Mr. Omega 6 was a similar fatty acid, that loved to be a part of many plant oils (like avocado, flax, hemp, and soybeans, to name a few). Omega 6 helped to keep skin at its best, improve kidney and renal function, and help to ensure healthy offspring. He worked hard in his jobs to improve the body, but like Miss Omega 3, knew there had to be more to life.

Finally, the two happened to be in the same place at the same time--Jump Your Bones Dog Treats. Just two fatty acids wandering the food world, and when they found each other it was a match made in fatty acid heaven!!

The Omega duo together is unstoppable, and will make your pooch unstoppable, too! Omega 3 fatty acids are great at lowering and controlling inflammation for Fido’s joints and muscles. This means that joint pain can be prevented or reduced! Omega 3 is also great for the dog that needs to improve or maintain heart health! Heart health is very important to make sure proper exercise is maintained! The Omega 6 fatty acids help make sure that your dog’s skin is healthy and glowing, and the coat is shiny and lustrous. These amazing fatty acids also help to make sure all of the pipes are running smoothly and dog’s kidneys and urinary health are in tip top shape!

Pretty impressive couple, don’t ya think?! It’s not too often we share love stories about our products but this one melted our hearts. Jump Your Bones does have a romantic ring to it, we encourage you to add these products to your doggie pantry and invite some Omega love potion into your dog’s health. Check out the Jump Your Bones Omega Bundle ... mix & save!

The Jump Your Bones Product Lineup:

jump-your-bones-dog-treats-beef-puffs jump-your-bones-green-lipped-mussels jump-your-bones-kangaroo-bites jump-your-bones-tuna-dog-treats jump_your_bones__kangaroo_jerky
Jump Your Bones
Beef Puffs
Jump Your Bones
Green Lipped Mussels
Jump Your Bones 
Kangaroo Bites
Jump Your Bones
Albicore Tuna Jerky
Jump Your Bones
Kangaroo Jerky



5 Hottest Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs

Posted by sitstaydogs

Jan 28, 2014 9:52:00 AM

Sniff, sniff. Even Fido knows that love is in the air. The air is crisper, winter is finally turning, and spring is quickly approaching! Now the only worry is what to get your favorite Valentine this year! You just found help. is not only the good-dog approved treat headquarters, we are also the Valentine's Day for dogs headquarters for the month of February!

Our team and customers have gathered great ideas for your Valentine's Day gifts for dogs and are even prepared to send Love Grams to your favorite far-away pooches and friends. Learn how!

5 Hottest Dog Valentine's Day Gifts This Year:

#1: Must Be Sexy : Jump Your Bones Dog Treats
Well isn’t that an appropriate name for a treat line for Valentine’s Day! Far beyond a catchy name, this line of treats has several nutrition-packed benefits for your dog. Green Lipped Mussels support joints, Beef Puffs are packed with highly-digestible protein and the Kangeroo Bites are a fantastic low-calorie training reward!
Picture this … your pup is snuggling on your lap while snuggling with a plush. Ahhh, that is what we can “reality romance.” Kong’s soft plush toys are durable, inexpensive and engaging for any size dog. Flopsy Rabbit and Leo the Lion are our favorites!
These treats truly are wild … with Wild Alaskan pink and keta salmon. Dogs love the taste and passionate parents love the health benefits. Supplement your dog’s diet with omega-3 rich morsels and a journey into the wildside!
Orbee toys are also Orbee Tuff certified--so that even the toughest love won’t ruin these toys! The Orbee-Tuff Mazee Ball is a top seller at SitStay; the special treat/toy combination will elevate both love and activity in your home this Valentine’s Day. Favorite treats to use in the Orbee-Tuff Mazee Ball are: Wag More Bark Less Soft Chews, Lakse Kronch and Nature’s Variety Instinct Biscuits.

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In Nebraska we say it’s through steak! This slab of meat will be a fun, squeaky adventure for your power pooch. Pair it with Addiction Meaty Bites and you’ll have loads of testosterone on your hands.

A trend that didn’t make the list because it is important every day out of the year. Spoil that darn dog as much as he spoils you!

Send a Dog Love Gram for Valentine's Day

Posted by Sara Dreamer, CEO

Jan 24, 2014 2:21:31 PM


You know that brown eyed, dark fur, 4-legged creature down the street that your dog as been eying now for a few weeks? Well - here's the chance to make a love connection with a LOVE GRAM! Simply fill out the "To" and "From" fields while placing your order, and we will include one of the LOVE GRAMs as pictured above! Enter the mailing address of the lucky dog in the SHIPPING section of your order. (Note: if you are sending to more than one recipient, you must place separate orders for each - only 1 shipping address allowed per order.)

Send LOVE GRAMs with:   Heart Barker  |  Love Birds  |  Love Licks

Step 1: Simply add the name of the LOVE GRAM receiver
Step 2: Enter the mailing address of the recipient in the SHIPPING section of your order (only 1 shipping address per order)
Step 3: Let your heart thump with joy - your Valentine will be so surprised!




The Dog Treat-Repeat Contest Starts Today

Posted by sitstaydogs

Jan 24, 2014 9:34:32 AM


LINCOLN, NEB. - Jan. 24, 2014 -, the destination site for ‘Good Dog’ approved treats and trinkets, today unveils our favorite contest of the year - The Dog Treat-Repeat Contest. One lucky duck dog will be "treated" like a king or queen for an entire year.  
The winner will receive a high-quality all natural treat from SitStay's award-winning treat deli each month that best suits his or her sass and style.

COMPLETE THE FORM FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! The winning dog will be notified on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2014, using the email address entered in the form. After we make contact and gather a bit more information from the pet parent ... the spoiling will begin. Multiple dog households are WELCOME! Simply complete and submit a separate form for each dog. 

SitStay will also select random winners to receive exclusive treats and merchandise courtesy of ShinDig Dog™ - dog treats for the occasional celebration and Brown Beggers™ Deli & Treatery. These winners will also be notified on Feb. 14, 2014. 

  • Entries BEGIN- January 24, 2014 (9:30 AM, CST)
  • Entries CLOSE- February 13, 2014 (8:30 PM, CST)
  • Entries received after CLOSE will not be eligible.
  • (1) full-sized, high-quality dog treat will be sent the first week of each month for twelve months.
  • Cash value of the treat can not be redeemed through any other transaction. 
  • Winning dog and/or pet parent may be asked to appear in public relations releases that may include Facebook posts, Twitter mentions, video opportunities and/or television broadcast. Winner must be willing. 

Sit. Stay. Compete! Whatcha waiting for!




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Dogs are the best Valentine; It's Scientifically Proven

Posted by sitstaydogs

Jan 23, 2014 5:16:32 PM


As if spoiling our dogs 364 days a year isn't enough, we are all about spoiling our dogs on Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because we are busy working pet parents who are guilty of fly-by affection. Or, maybe it's because it's scientifically proven that we have to! Could it be? Get this ... 

Emmanuel College, in Boston, MA, put into perspective the true meaning of “man’s best friend” and the importance of our relationship with our dogs. Research indicates that, “Dogs play a distinct role in their impact on human relationships and processes because of the unique role they play in American society, existing in a liminal space of "almost" human. Both the level of emotional attachment and the requisite daily care make dogs important players in bringing humans in contact with one another and mediating human relationships.”

So, it HAS been scientifically proven that love with our dogs is essential! And what better way to show them your affection than to spoil them with healthy, yummy treats on the LOVE DAY OF THE YEAR - Valentine's Day.

ShinDig Dog, a brand new line of dog treats for the occasional celebration, has got your covered! ShinDig Dog has launched exclusive Valentine's Day treats just in time for that special day. The Valentine's Day Treat Trio includes 100% USDA inspected chicken & turkey jerky, all natural and nutritious beef heart chips and perfect patties that are made from American bison heart & tongue.

Now, if heart & tongue doesn't say I love you ... we don't know what does!

Visit and grab a Valentine's Day dog treat or plush goodie for your four-legged heart thumper. We're also prepared to send a little something to any of your far-away friends and will include a hand-written love gram. 

Sit. Stay. Love'um up!


Licks of Love: Valentine’s Day Treats for Pets

Posted by sitstaydogs

Jan 22, 2014 3:54:17 PM

shindigdog_dog-treats-for-occasional-celebration, the destination site for ‘Good Dog’ approved treats and supplies, today unveils its all-natural Valentine’s Day treat collection that will spoil your pets this Feb. 14 with a heartfelt sampling of American-made, high quality delicacies from their premium doggie deli.  

Our treats feature love-inspired names, personalizable Valentine’s Day cards and delicious ingredients including:


LOVE LICKS - Bison Heart & Tongue Patties

The jumbo all-natural bison heart & tongue patties are made from USDA inspected, free range bison tongue and heart. The perfectly paired proteins are packed with nutrients and are guaranteed to get you kisses galore from your adoring pet! 


HEARTBARKERS - 100% Beef Heart Slices

Truly a treat from the heart! The USDA inspected, 100% beef heart slices are naturally full of health benefits for dogs. High in protein and low in fat, these crunchy delicacies are the rewards that won’t break his heart! 


LOVE BIRDS - Chicken & Turkey Breast Fillets

Your dog will flock to your side once they get a taste of these love birds!
Each poultry packed bag includes 100% USDA inspected, human-grade chicken & turkey breast fillets. These wholesome single-protein-source rewards are the perfect way to share your featherless love with your canine companion. 

The Valentine’s Day treats are inspired by Shindig Dog, a new brand of dog treats for the occasional celebration, and are available on  Featuring one of the largest selection of dog treats available online,’s deli is the online destination for Fido’s favorite foods and exclusive treats available to you 24/7.  


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Hustling With a Hound Dog: exercising with my beagle

Posted by Sara Dreamer, CEO

Jan 6, 2014 11:30:00 AM


The Day the Journey Began: Series 1:1

55 pounds! Today my husband Derek, beagle Dexter and I weighed in and tallied 55 pounds lost between the 3 of us. 9 weeks ago my husband had a doctor’s appointment that didn’t fair so well. His triglycerides where through the roof and his doctors were concerned about his weight and overall health.

Derek & I are in our upper 30’s. We live in rural Nebraska and spend most of our free time running after 2 teenage boys and 1 beagle. Both former college athletes, we know the value of exercise and eating well but excused our lack of both due to our busy lifestyle (and lack of amenities – we have running water but not gyms). We’ve never been “dieters” and never will be, but the day we had that conversation with our concerned doctor, we knew something had to change. Immediately.

Our thoughts were plenty on the ride home, the opposite of our conversations. Neither sure of what was next … until we got home. When we walked in the front door, Dexter - our fun-loving beagle, was there to greet us. His tail was wagging with sheer joy and his face didn’t have a care in the world. Dexter ran right to Derek, as though he knew he needed some lovin’ and Derek said , “Dexter, will you help me lose weight?”. Dex responded with a good ol face lick and a bark that must have meant, “YES”.

Let me take a moment to share the thoughts running through my mind at the time. Been away from work for a doctor appointment, did the promotion calendar get updated, sales are up today- yeah, doctor tells me my husband might not live to 40 – be compassionate, I don’t have much time to be because what’s for supper, did I flip the clothes from the dryer before they started to stink, crap, I didn’t … add detergent and “rewash” (again, I think!), how can my iPhone battery be low I only read and sent 65 emails in the waiting room and, oh, today we are starting a workout plan with our dog. Today. Today, with our dog that doesn’t have a harness.  (I know, I am the CEO of a pet products company but didn’t have a harness; unprepared and stubborn buyer!)

We changed our clothes; put on our stylish sneakers (that I picked out because they matched Brady’s baseball team colors), latched onto Dexter’s collar and off we went. 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles …. on our journey to lose weight with the help of our dog.

3 miles on our first day! What were we thinking? Here’s what we were thinking … the doctor said he should lose 30 pounds and we must have heard him say that 30 pounds were missing in our neck of the woods and we were the search committee. We walked the gravel road like passerbys that broke down, or someone searching for a needle in a hay bail (we don’t call them stacks these days). 

We learned lots along the way; excited to share with you. Tell me about your weight loss goals. Do you hustle with your hound?


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SitStay Launches Program for New Product Innoveering

Posted by Sara Dreamer, CEO

Dec 24, 2013 11:08:00 AM


For Immediate Release: October 1, 2013


SitStay Launches Program for New Product Innoveering

SitStay, a Lincoln Nebraska based online pet products retailer, launched a new program, Team GoodDog, intended to accelerate new pet products into the hands of pet owners from coast to coast. The passion behind the program comes from years of experience working with brands and products in the pet industry. Sara Dreamer, CEO, noted, “The pet industry is fueled by continuous innovation which is a trend that we as professionals and consumers never want to see let up.” As the pet industry continues to expand with new products and new manufacturers, it challenges the infrastructure of the distribution. Development of a product always begins close to home, close to the manufacturer but quickly needs to get “out of house” and into the homes, hands, and paws of consumers. To put it into perspective, Dreamer continues, “We are passionate about introducing products and solutions to pet lovers. Consumers trust us to help them be successful pet parents. The commitment surrounding the passion can be summarized with one word – innoveering. As manufacturers innovate new products, we pioneer their journey to consumers’ doorsteps. And, we love it!” We can't wait to take new products home to share with our own dogs. If our dogs love it, we're sure that yours will, too!

Team GoodDog includes VIP customers who are on SitStay’s short list. These customers are part of a membership that exchanges samples of new products for feedback – new products that come from every nook and cranny of the industry. Dreamer spent several years working with a Nebraska-based manufacturer and knows first hand how important customer feedback is to the product development ecosystem. Dreamer concludes by saying, “Our niche is simple. We engage in the heavy lifting upfront to help good products be seen and as soon as they hit the big dot com’s (Amazon) radar, we let them do what they do while we continue to seek out the new-to-market products.”

If you are a pet owner interested in joining our mission to share the newest and best dog products, join now! If you are a manufacturer seeking consumer insight, product trial and online sales channel development - give us a shout! (

About SitStay

Since 1996, SitStay has helped nurture rewarding relationship with four-legged friend by discovering and delivering high-quality pet products to doorsteps coast to coast. As one of the pet industry’s first dot com’s, SitStay’s commitment is simple – to share products that are loved by many pets and to introduce devoted pet owners to products they haven’t fallen in love with, just yet. SitStay owners are passionate dog owners, therefore the products they share are healthful, enriching and good-dog-approved.

SitStay is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. More information is available at


Top 5 Last Minute Dog Gifts from

Posted by sitstaydogs

Dec 13, 2013 3:03:23 PM


OH MY GOODNESS. How is December nearly half way over? We are thinking the same thing. Many of us still haven’t started or made a dent on our holiday shopping lists. Whoops. With the wonder of online shopping this problem is easily solved!, the holiday gifts for dog headquarters, has THE TOP FIVE last minute holiday gifts for your favorite four-legged family members. 

    Nothing says “MERRY CHRISTMAS” like holiday cookies! Handmade in Boston, these gingerbread treats are the perfect treat for that special morning. HO, HO, WHOA where did that cookie go!?

    Santa Paws can’t believe how many dogs have bully sticks on their list this year. These festive candy cane shaped chews are high-quality, born, raised & packaged in the USA. A slam dunk for sure!

    This is our favorite holiday item this year! The retro canister is not only functional (storing yummy treats), it is also entertaining (adorable design)! What’s even better is what’s inside. The all-natural dog biscuits are made from scratch in a Boston bakery & will satisfy any dog’s appetite for a yummy snack. The perfect conversation piece for your holiday gathering!

    Loved by Ellen & Oprah, these gingerbread chewy treats are a must-add to your doggie pantry this holiday season. Made in the USA & perfect for tossing to your good-dog. Grab one for the neighbor, too. (sharing out of your bag is simply not an option)
    Wooferman are 100% beef patties (yep, kind of like a hamburger) that are high in protein & great for your dog. Shaped like little crunchy gingerbread men, Wooferman make the perfect stocking stuffer!

BONUS GIFT IDEA: POO-POURRI The Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray
As dog owners, we talk about, examine it, clean it up and sometimes step in poop. So, when we were introduced to this product (yes, in a bathroom) we had to have it for our SitStay customers! And you HAVE to get it for your co-worker, sister-in-law, best friend & husband! We promise it will be the highlight of the gift exchange! Grab one for yourself, too. It works like magic!

Happy & Healthy Holidays from SitStay!


Holiday "No, no's" for Fido

Posted by sitstaydogs

Dec 12, 2013 10:39:34 AM


Food around the holidays is the FIRST thing on everyone's mind. A very close second on your mind should be food safety! Especially when your four-legged family members have joined the party.

Animal Planet offers a great article on foods to be wary of feeding Fido! A few we thought you needed to be especially careful when in the full swing of the holidays are:
  • Raw meat or meat with bones--choking hazard and possible contamination/bacteria (* We suggest when buying chews opt for bones not rawhide, but bones specially dried and approved for doggy consumption! Try a few HERE that we absolutely love!

  • Alcohol, although this one may seem like a no brainer, spiked holiday cheer should be spread to all, except for puppies *also those 2-legged friends that are not legal age! It is very digestion for them to consume alcohol.

  • Yeasts and doughs: be especially wary when baking! You shouldn’t be licking the spoon and Spot definitely shouldn’t be either! Keep them out of Paws way
The American Veterinary Medicine Association also offers some helpful tips to follow during the holidays!
  • Secure trees and holiday decor. Sharp and heavy objects DON’T want to be falling on your pooch..and dangerous objects are clearly the most fun looking ones to play with!

  • Be careful of open fires and candles..those tails are flammable, especially on low tables and fireplaces.
  • Keep Holiday plants away--Holly and Mistletoe are dangerous to dogs health *call the vet if ingested

Offer Alternatives to your pooch, instead of just "NO, NO, NO". Here is an awesome idea for a Holiday Cookie Exchange Party that is safe for pups, OR a great recipe for Meaty Holiday Feast Puppy Chow. If your thinkin cap is really on you could take this Meaty Holiday Feast Puppy Chow to the Cookie Exchange ;)

Here at SitStay we truly want the best, safest, & yummiest holiday season & new year for YOU and your Good Dog!! As always, we would never offer a product or information that we wouldn’t give to our own pets!

From the SitStay Family,

Happy Holidays


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We don't own dogs at Sitstay - the dogs own us.

The products we share are healthful, enriching and good-dog-approved. Everyday we strive to do our part in improving pet lifestyles and make it a point to have loads of fun along the way.

Join our mission to raise the most spoiled-rotten dogs on the planet … somebody’s got to!

Cheers from Nebraska!