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Oils For All Around Good Dog Wellness

Posted by sitstaydogs

Oct 16, 2013 9:00:00 AM


You've heard that oils are great, grand, and glorious for your dog's health - but, why? Different oils are incorporated into diets for various reasons; we've broken it down for you. Overall, oils are high in monounsaturated, “healthy” fats. These fats are necessary in the diet to maintain proper body function and to keep heart health at its absolute best.

Here are a few key benefits of these specific amazing oils:

Oil Type
Good for the dog:
How oil can help: Added Benefits Super Star Products
 Salmon  at any stage of life, helps to prevent inflammation in joints and muscles Compounds in salmon oil reduces inflammation & speeds up the body’s response to strain and stress Sustainable,
environmentally friendly, high in Omega 3’s
Kronch Salmon Oil

Grizzly Salmon Oil
 Sardine  that could use some extra Vitamin D for bone & joint health Contains high amounts of Vitamin D which aids in absorption of calcium & produces stronger bones Great source of LEAN protein (dogs can’t get enough!) high in omega 3’s Nature's Logic Sardine Oil
 Pumpkin  Seed  that needs a boost to improve digestion & urination issues
Has a diuretic effect that can clear the urinary passage & fiber that regulates proper digestion Improved heart health from lowering your pooch’s cholesterol, high in omega 3’s Pumpkin Seed Oil
 Camelina  that wants all around heart & wellness improvement Packed with omega 3’s & antioxidants, this oil can offer Extremely long shelf life, does not go rancid as quickly as other oils, mild flavored  Megga Dog Camelina Oil
 Pollock  that wants to show off a shinier coat & moisturized skin Has been proven to improve coat condition & decrease shedding in some breeds
Has one of the highest omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid ratios, best “bang for your buck” where oil is concerned  Grizzly Wild Pollock Oil

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