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Most Cuddled Dog Toy of 2013

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Nov 26, 2013 11:12:18 AM



The Most Cuddled Dog Toy of the Year always brings a comforting smile to our faces and absorbs gallons of slobber coast to coast. There are many plush toys on the market and in your doggie toy box but this year’s winner stood out from the rest.

Winner of the Most Cuddled Dog Toy of 2013: "Ali" the Plush Aligator

Ali, a durable plush toy made by Kong, was spotted in more photos and invoices than any other plush this year and was the first product nominated for the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.


Perhaps it’s great because it is suitable for a good boy or good girl. Maybe it’s the bright Kermit the Frog green color. It could also be the affordable price or its “fit right under your chin during a nap” size and shape.

No matter the reason - Thanks Ali for cuddling, napping, bearing the bites and absorbing the slobber for so many of our four-legged friends this year! 

See all the winners at!

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