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Max & Ruffy's - Positive For Fido & Mother Nature

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Oct 28, 2013 1:00:00 PM


SitStay is proud to introduce you to a new line of animal-free (vegan), organic, and nutritious treats, exclusively for good dogs.

Max & Ruffy's are much more than dog treats. They are a dog-loving family whose purpose is to bring you products that elevate the health and well-being of your dog. And, they do this is in an ethical way by making conscious decisions regarding food sources and packaging choices. 

These treats aren't for anybody. They are for everybody! Whether you are expanding your dog’s veggie menu, seeking healthier treat options, or just trying to find a safe, flavorful new snack for you finicky eater, Max & Ruffy’s is an ideal brand. 

Max & Ruffy's treats are made with 100% organic human-grade ingredients; no additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors; no GMO ingredients. Every ingredient used has been chosen to benefit the health of dogs. The fat in the treats is derived solely from healthy beneficial oils of either extra-virgin coconut oil and coconut flakes or extra-virgin olive oil. 

Max & Ruffy's treats offer a great source of fruits and veggies which are an important part of any balanced diet.

6 Grain-Free Options:

  1. The Kelp Highway made with butternut squash and kelp
  2. Powerhouse made with sweet potato and alfalfa
  3. Five-Star Blueberry made with blueberries & ginger
  4. Tree of Life made with Coconut, Molasses and Flax
  5. 327 B.C. made with Banana and Coconut
  6. W.P. Pizza made with tomato paste and herbs

Max & Ruffy's top-selling wheat free Mother Quinoa's Pumpkin Patch is made with pumpkin and delicious spices. 

Max & Ruffy's recipes may be extra beneficial to clients looking for remedies for specific health conditions: 

Skin & Coat

327 B.C. Banana & Coconut
Five-Star Blueberry
Tree of Life
The Kelp Highway

Digestion Five-Star Blueberry
Mother Quinoa's Pumpkin Patch

Immune Boosting

Powerhouse: Sweet Potato & Alfalfa
Five-Star Blueberry


Five-Star Blueberry

Flea Prevention

W.P. Pizza
The Kelp Highway

Your biggest challenge ... deciding which two to try first! 

USA Made. USA Sourced Ingredients. 

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We don't own dogs at Sitstay - the dogs own us.

The products we share are healthful, enriching and good-dog-approved. Everyday we strive to do our part in improving pet lifestyles and make it a point to have loads of fun along the way.

Join our mission to raise the most spoiled-rotten dogs on the planet … somebody’s got to!

Cheers from Nebraska!