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Holiday Feast for Fido - Brown Beggers Chew Sampler

Posted by sitstaydogs

Dec 6, 2013 9:32:00 AM


There’s nothing like sitting down to an amazing Holiday Dinner with the family. Dad is carving the beautifully roasted turkey while the side dishes are being passed around the table. It smells like home, Christmas, & food that needs to get in your belly.

You glance down, NO, you shouldn’t have. Those puppy dog eyes so innocently staring back up at you. Your normally rambunctious dog is acting strangely angelic, you tell him to go sit down. He has his own meal to eat (and sharing scraps is a NO NO). At that moment you realize you didn’t shop for anything special for the most loyal member of your family!

Don’t let this scenario happen to you this holiday season, instead give Fido his OWN holiday feast. Brown Beggers™ Chew Sampler has gone to the dogs this season and includes limited edition chews selected specifically for Fido’s Christmas Feast!

Brown Beggers™ Chew Sampler was inspired by CEO, Sara Dreamer’s, nostalgia of picking out the perfect meat selections at the local butcher with her grandmother. Just as those hand-picked delicacies were picked years ago, the Brown Beggers™ tradition lives on with USA select, high-quality, hand-picked natural chews for your dog. Each is packaged to order and especially for dogs ranging from small to large breeds.

Healthy Holidays to You & Yours!


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