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Favorite Dog Treat of the Year Award Winner

Posted by sitstaydogs

Nov 26, 2013 11:14:00 AM



The Favorite Dog Treat of the Year is given to the tastiest, most nutritious, drool & bark provoking treat of the year. Probably one of the most difficult awards to recognize--as SitStay is your treat headquarters for all things delicious and nutritious--we tried our best to hit all categories that the perfect treat entails:

  • Satisfaction (Spot is begging for more, after every morsel is licked up)

  • Eco-friendly (Green, minimally harmful to the environment)

  • Health Beneficial (added nutritional benefits, gives Spot MORE than satisfaction--ranging from digestion, heart health, vitamins, supplements, etc)

  • Sourced Well (Aim for organic, pasture raised, locally grown and harvested, USA if possible)

  • Wholesome (preservative/antibiotic/color/filler/additive FREE)

The Favorite Dog Treat of the Year goes to: Polkadog Bakery's Cod Skin Twists

Polkadog Bakery Cod Skin Twists foot-long wonders were hands down the favorite treat of the year, not only with their added health benefits, but the flavor & crunch dogs beg for! This treat favorite also made it into SitStay’s favorite TEN under $10 Holiday Gifts. We highly encourage pup’s that love flavor, crunch, and fun to try these treats (and parent’s that want to offer heart health benefits from the omega-3s).

Whatcha waiting for!? 

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