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Easter Treats For Your Furry Friends

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Apr 11, 2014 2:23:00 PM

Spring has almost sprung, it is steadily starting to get warmer. Thank goodness we can finally shed our sweaters and boots for shorts, capris and t-shirts. With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d help you (and the Easter Bunny) out with some special Easter and Spring themed treats (if you forgot Easter is April 20th, but these treats will stick around a bit longer through the end of spring!!!)

Jones All Natural Rabbit Jerky

The Rabbit Jerky Easter Pack is a yummy combination of FOUR packages of Jones All Natural Rabbit Jerky. If your pup has yet to try them, do yourself and your pup a favor and put them in his Easter basket this year. Rabbit is a lean, wholesome, gamey protein that will have your pup lickin his chops for some more! **If you are already a lover of this Rabbit Jerky then definitely get the pack, we are offering it at a reduced price**

Sam's Yams Carrot Crunchers

The Hopping Easter Treat Pack features THREE bags of Sam’s Yams Hoppin Good Carrot Cruncher Cookies. These “cookies” are not made with any grains, flours or fillers, but made directly from fruits and vegetables. Like many of Sam’s Yams products, they are made predominantly of all-natural sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are one of SitStay’s favorite superfoods. These Hoppin Good treats also have carrots (mhmm, duh), apples, and a bit of water. These Cookies are a bit like a chew, and will be a nice treat to keep your pup occupied (and clean their teeth).

Wet Noses Treat Bundle

The Hop Into Health Easter Treat Pack includes one of the newer brands to - Wet Noses. Wet Noses is all about good, fun, organic ingredients. We are offering TWO Big Bones (Large Bone Shaped Cookies) in the Apples & Carrots and Peas & Carrots flavors, and ONE package of Wet Noses biscuits in the Peas and Carrots variety. Wet Noses only offers organic, USDA approved fruits and vegetables into their treats. You will find NO fillers, by products, preservatives, corn, wheat or soy!

Max & Ruffy's

The cutest Treat Pack on the market right now -- Max & Ruffy’s Pastel Easter Treat Pack. Max & Ruffy’s was SitStay’s 2013 Favorite Find. These GoodDog approved treats are all-natural, organic, and vegan! They come in two different sizes (a bigger cookie for a treat, or smaller for training or small breeds). Max & Ruffy’s are great for dog’s with allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients. The flavors in the treat pack include one of each (all 5 oz): 24 Carob Gold: Strawberry and Carob, W.P. Pizza, Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch, and 327 B.C Banana and Coconut Treats.

Easter Bunny's Favorites
Finally, the Easter Bunny’s Favorites Treat Pack: combining all of the best spring flavors! This package includes (1) Wet Noses Grain Free Peas and Carrots Biscuits, (1) Jones Natural Rabbit Jerky, and (1) Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit and Apple Biscuits. All of these products offer both nutrition and flavor for your pup. The variety in the two different types of cookies - one meaty and the other with wholesome veggies - paired with the delicious lean, rabbit jerky will be the perfect gift for any pup!

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