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Spring Cleaning & Your Dog

Posted by sitstaydogs

Mar 31, 2014 1:32:55 PM


Groans. Spring cleaning. The time everyone can anticipate when the weather starts to turn, the dust bunnies are starting to multiply, and that dreaded loss of the precious hour of sleep and turning our clocks forward. It's finally time, we are shedding our winter coats, boots and clutter for shorts, longer days and warmer weather! YES!

When making your checklist of necessary cleaning supplies, don't forget about Fido & the kiddos! Be sure that cleaning products are made of all-natural products or are NON-toxic. These two labels are very important to ensure that when our favorite family members are crawling/walking around the ground and cleaned areas they are protected from harmful chemicals.

It is so easy for children (four-legged children included) to get in to mop buckets and open containers when your back is turned for 1 second. So, make sure to set your pack up with a fun activity in the backyard or a confined space where you won’t have to worry about them coming across cleaning agents! (and this prevents them from creating more mess while you are trying to clean one up)

It is also a good idea to watch for any flare up of allergy symptoms. Cleaning can expose mold spores, dust, etc. Signs of allergy symptoms: excessive itching, runny nose, dry nose, biting, irritated eyes, etc. Properly throwing away materials cleaned with or doing a second spot clean can help these symptoms subside.

ALSO make sure you are always cleaning up after your favorite four-legged friends! SitStay has all of the essential receptacles to make sure the job is done! Including a few adorable poop bag dispensers that can easily be attached to leashes so a bag is always on hand - literally.

Also, in the spirit of spring cleaning keep it fresh and bright with lavender scented poop bags! And for the human varieties: Poo Pourri for your own bathrooms: the before you go poo spray to ensure only pleasant odors!

Welcome, Spring!

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