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Dogs like MTV not PBS

Posted by sitstaydogs

Jul 23, 2013 1:44:00 PM


Honestly, I have to admit I blatantly stole this saying. . . I just wish I remember where it came from. Nevertheless, the meaning is exquisite: Be engaging and exciting.

Dogs love motion and excitement. Have you noticed the difference in your dog when you walk by him or when you run? Running is very exciting and most dogs will either run with your or chase you. Have you ever noticed that dogs are very attune to motion…they find anything that’s moving?
When training, you need to be fun and exciting to your dog. Talking to him like Alistair Cooke hosting Masterpiece Theater just won’t cut it. (I don’t know if I would listen to you for long if you spoke like that).

Think of MTV, fast motion, excitement, interaction. That’s what you want to be to your dog, EXCITING! Give them a reason to pay attention to you. Give them something fun to look at and listen to.

And remember, if fun isn’t happening for both of you, neither is learning.

Joann Neve, CPDT-KA, M. Ed
Packleader Behavior & Training

Topics: Playtime

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