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Dog Food Recalls Suck

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Jun 23, 2013 3:05:00 PM


Dog Food Recalls Suck. SitStay Makes it Suck Less.

The recent dog food recalls prompted us to share an insider view of the heart of our operation - high quality products for good dogs.

As an online retailer, and partner in your pet’s lifestyle, we have deemed it our responsibility to discover and deliver pet products to your door that add health and happiness to your home.  And, for us, that includes much more than putting product images and descriptions on our website. Our products are stored and cared for inside our doorstep before sending it to yours. This operational difference makes SitStay unique from many other online sites that offer you products from their desktop instead of their warehouse. It also gives us agility when challenges, like dog food recalls surface.

When we heard about the recall of California Natural, we relied on our tight knit relationships with the industry’s dog food manufacturers and our trustworthy suppliers to grab an understanding of what we can do for pet owners and four-legged foodies who were impacted. Although it wasn’t a product we carry, it’s our duty to take action.

SitStay added a very comparable diet - Tuscan Natural. With a 3-star Dog Food Advisor rating, Tuscan Natural has many benefits we find most noteworthy:

    • single carbohydrate source

    • limited ingredient food; less allergens

    • contains extra virgin olive oil; known to lower risks of cancer

    • great success with sensitive tummies

Tuscan Natural is now available at, don’t hesitate to give us a shout for additional information on a successful transition.

Dog food is the most important element of your dog’s nutritional intake. Here are a few pointers to keep top of mind when choosing a diet for your good dog.


Outline dog's food diet profile. Here's a great starter:
        • Life-stage

        • Protein range (don’t get stuck on 1%)

        • Ailments (as identified by your vet)

        • Life-stage

        • Activity Level

More isn’t Better. Better is Better. (stars or dollars)


Dog food marketers are good! Which means you have to be a GREAT parent - make the same choices your Fido would make if he were buying. (wait, can you imagine what would happen if we let them loose in the SitStay treat deli with your credit card ... sales projections:))

Be Good.
Team SitStay

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