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Cool Summer Fun

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Jul 23, 2013 1:59:00 PM


We have all heard the warnings of summer heat and your dog…avoid outdoor activities during the mid-day hours, provide plenty of water, never leave your dog in a car… but without activity, dogs that just sit in the house all day can become bored and look for their own ways to “entertain” themselves. But what to do in the heat of summer? With a little creativity, there are many safe and entertaining activities to keep your dog busy during the hot summer weather.

Nose work: teach your dog to find objects. Once a dog gets the idea of “go find” and they understand to use smell to do it, it quickly becomes a favorite game. It can be played both inside and outside without a lot of exertion.sanddog

Smell walks: Give your dog the opportunity to explore on his own on a low-key, low speed walk to “stop and smell the roses”. Unlike your normal walk when you have a destination and a time frame, just let him wander and explore with his nose.

Sandbox: a small sandbox with wet sand can be a hide and seek haven for a playful dog. Wet the sand to keep it moist and cool and hide toys for your dog to find.

Training or brain games: using his brain is tiring to a dog just as aerobic exercise is. Do some manners or other training with your dog inside to spend their excess energy. Remember to make it fun for both you and the dog.

Keep your dog cool & exercised, summer dog days can be fun!

Joann Neve, CPDT-KA, M. Ed
Packleader Behavior & Training

Topics: Wellness, Training

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