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Sara's Christmas Countdown Checklist

Posted by Sara Dreamer, CEO

Nov 26, 2013 8:48:00 AM


Today my girlfriend reminded me there are only 48 days before Christmas.

She evidently forgot that I work in retail and have been planning since July. Haha, I thought to myself. Then, it hit me like a well-packed snowball! I haven't a thing ready for this holiday season!

After a mini melt-down and a glass of wine, I jotted down my list & thought I would share .... just in case you are still figuring out how to be a rockstar in 48 days or less.

get Gift set for Dexter & ONLY 3 stocking stuffers (not as many as last year I'm afraid - darn health care costs)
give Gift under $10 for neighbor who helps with Dexter and a $20 for his girlfriend Maggie. Also grab a few gift-giving bags to fill with homemade goodies (can't let Martha down)
invite Get the Holipaw Party on the calendar (Dec. 7 for us) & send invites (I'm using the Facebook image download to save time, THANK YOU Facebook events!)
plan Grab snacks, a few party favors and beverage recipes (there are going to be several dogs under one roof - we WILL need a few drinks!)
enjoy Take a few minutes for myself to relax, review my ever-growing Christmas list & test a few of those drink recipes before the party. It is the friendly thing to do after all!

The clock is indeed ticking but I got this!



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