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5 Hottest Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs

Posted by sitstaydogs

Jan 28, 2014 9:52:00 AM

Sniff, sniff. Even Fido knows that love is in the air. The air is crisper, winter is finally turning, and spring is quickly approaching! Now the only worry is what to get your favorite Valentine this year! You just found help. is not only the good-dog approved treat headquarters, we are also the Valentine's Day for dogs headquarters for the month of February!

Our team and customers have gathered great ideas for your Valentine's Day gifts for dogs and are even prepared to send Love Grams to your favorite far-away pooches and friends. Learn how!

5 Hottest Dog Valentine's Day Gifts This Year:

#1: Must Be Sexy : Jump Your Bones Dog Treats
Well isn’t that an appropriate name for a treat line for Valentine’s Day! Far beyond a catchy name, this line of treats has several nutrition-packed benefits for your dog. Green Lipped Mussels support joints, Beef Puffs are packed with highly-digestible protein and the Kangeroo Bites are a fantastic low-calorie training reward!
Picture this … your pup is snuggling on your lap while snuggling with a plush. Ahhh, that is what we can “reality romance.” Kong’s soft plush toys are durable, inexpensive and engaging for any size dog. Flopsy Rabbit and Leo the Lion are our favorites!
These treats truly are wild … with Wild Alaskan pink and keta salmon. Dogs love the taste and passionate parents love the health benefits. Supplement your dog’s diet with omega-3 rich morsels and a journey into the wildside!
Orbee toys are also Orbee Tuff certified--so that even the toughest love won’t ruin these toys! The Orbee-Tuff Mazee Ball is a top seller at SitStay; the special treat/toy combination will elevate both love and activity in your home this Valentine’s Day. Favorite treats to use in the Orbee-Tuff Mazee Ball are: Wag More Bark Less Soft Chews, Lakse Kronch and Nature’s Variety Instinct Biscuits.

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In Nebraska we say it’s through steak! This slab of meat will be a fun, squeaky adventure for your power pooch. Pair it with Addiction Meaty Bites and you’ll have loads of testosterone on your hands.

A trend that didn’t make the list because it is important every day out of the year. Spoil that darn dog as much as he spoils you!

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