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Best Dog Chew of the Year

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Nov 26, 2013 11:13:23 AM



The Best Chew of the Year is awarded to the treat that is tasty, can stand the test of time for your monster chewers, are healthy & safe! Because chewing for pups is so important for gum and teeth health, our four-legged friends need great products to literally sink their teeth into. We choose a treat that can keep your pooch satisfied for a lengthy amount of time, but is also safe and healthy. We also enjoy chews that are easy for the two legged variety to maintain: don’t splinter to worry about choking, dye free, stain free and odor free.

The 2013 Best Chew of the Year is awarded to: Jones Natural Chews Curly Q Bully Sticks

The shape of the Jones Natural Chews Curly Q is probably why pooches love this chew the most. The Curly Q’s swizzled design makes it a fun task for dog’s to work on for a while. We also know dog’s absolutely love the flavor of the Curly Q’s all-natural beef pizzle. Jones Natural Chews always supplies us with high-quality products that we can count on and they offer a plethora of chews of different varieties. We've tried other brands but proudly continue to pack & pick these daily from our natural treat deli bar.

Sit. Stay. Twist & Curl. 

Full list of 2013 winners


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