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Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

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Sep 23, 2013 10:52:00 PM


They don’t call it “sweet” because it will rub Fido’s belly, or give him treats for good behavior (that’s what you’re for!). It’s “sweet” because of all the added benefits and nutrition. . .  read on, you might be yelling “SWEET!” when you’re done. Your good dog deserves good health!


  • Sweet potatoes contain the highest amino acid content of any of its cousins in the starch family.
  • Amino acids are essential in your dog's diet to maintaining healthy and strong, lean muscles. The amino acids also increase the bodies’ antioxidant activity.
  • Antioxidants are essential for ridding the body of free radicals that can cause cancer and other harmful diseases. Research has shown that sweet potatoes help rid the liver of fatty cells and keep vital organs healthy and at their best.


  • The high fiber content of the sweet potato makes it great for the digestive system.
  • Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to raw hide also, because they are vegan and not made from animal byproducts.

Product selection is imparative to the success of and there are many factors we consider when adding products to the family. But, of all the factors, selecting products that we are proud to feed to our own dogs is #1 on the list. Sweet potato chews for dogs is not a trend or a fad that will pass, it is a simple, natural dog chew that skirts past the manufacturing process that often increases the safety of a product. Dirt, water and good old fashion sunshine are the key components needed to make many of the sweet potato products we offer.

You can also learn more about the products below by visiting their websites. A few articles we enjoy most:


Here's a few of our favorite sweet potato treats for dogs:

samsyamssweetpotato   snookssweetpotatochew   dogs_love_fish

Sam's Yams

This sweet potato is transformed into a chew that has characteristics similar to rawhide or jerky. 1lb bag contains approx 30 chews.

Sam's Yams Sweet Potato Chews


Snook's Sweet Potato Chews

The interactive and intuitive chew is also includes natural Vitamin E, chemical free hemp and a whole "knot of love".

Buy now: Snooks Sweet Potato Chew


Dog's Love Fish

Show your dog how much you care about them with these delicious Sweet Potato treats wrapped in Cod skin.

Buy now: Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish

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